A New Adventure

usHello, my name is Jeremy Reiman and I decided to create this blog to document my adventures and educational development as I travel to Baton Rouge, LA to attend graduate school at Louisiana State University. This is a very exciting and somewhat intimidating time in my life, however, I am fortunate enough to be taking on this adventure with my beautiful wife, Meredith, and loving tabby cat, Puddles. They have both been my main support system driving me to go back to school and I could not have made it this far without them.

At LSU I will be splitting my time between working towards a Master’s in Watershed Sciences and conducting research in Dr. Yijun Xu’s Watershed Hydrology Laboratory . My research will focus on trace elements and contaminants in the Atchafalaya River, the largest distributary of the Mississippi River.  At least, that’s the plan so far!

Neither Meredith nor I have even visited Louisiana, so we’ve planned a long weekend trip in November to visit Baton Rouge/LSU and look at housing options. It should be a fun and eye-opening “vacation”.  While I am saddened to move so far away from friends and family, I am also very excited about this unique adventure that awaits.




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