Weekend of Races


My mom showing off her energetic personality

This past weekend was spent attending and participating in footraces. On Saturday my mom and I completed the Color Run in South Bend, IN. The color run has dubbed itself “The Most Happy 5K on Earth” as it does not have any race timing, but instead focuses on getting people being active all while blasting you with endless amounts of colored powder. My mom originally signed with the intention of running her first 5K, however, due to some serious knee injuries was not able to run. Maybe next year. We still had a blast walking though!

Sunday we spent following Meredith’s father, George, as he ran the 26.2 miles of the 2016 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. (Also known as Meredith’s Favorite Day of the Year). This was George’s 16th consecutive Chicago Marathon and Meredith could not be happier to  continue the tradition of watching her father run. George finished in just over 5 hours.  Simply amazing if you ask me. Meredith’s sister, Katherine, is also training for a marathon and needed to get a long run in that day, so she decided to tag along with George the last half of the race. They both had a blast running together. Oh and we got some really good donuts from Do-Rite downtown.


Katherine, George, Meredith in Chicago

Needless to say after being around all of this footracing this past weekend, Meredith and I caught the “running-bug”. Sunday evening we drove back from Chicago, signed up for the Louisiana Half-Marathon in January, and wrote out training plans. This will be Meredith’s first half-marathon and I could not be more excited for her.


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