Jordan River Pathway


Camped in my dad’s several decade old tent. She ain’t the prettiest, but she got the job done.

While Meredith and I have many different interests and hobbies, one thing that we both enjoy doing together is hiking. So this weekend we decided to get away for a bit and hike along the Jordan River Pathway in Alba, MI.

The Jordan River is largest tributary to Lake Charlevoix, a very popular lake in Michigan, and was actually the first river to be designated in Michigan’s Natural Rivers Program, a program set up by the Department of Natural Resources to preserve and protect high quality streams from unsustainable development. And after spending a day hiking along its side and through its watershed, I can certainly see why it is a resource worth protecting.

mereOur hike Saturday consisted of a 20 mile loop around the Jordan River, splitting mileage between the North Country Trail and the Jordan River Pathway. The NCT portion of the loop was a mix of flat bottomland forests with creeks and wetlands, while the Jordan River Pathway on the south side of the river followed ridges of hills that offered amazing views of the colorful fall foliage. While this was Meredith and I’s first time on the Jordan River Pathway, it was our second time hiking on the North Country Trail; which is the longest trail in the United States stretching from Vermont to North Dakota. One unique part of this section of the NCT is that it crosses the 45 North Parelell line, which is the latitude line that marks approximately halfway between the North Pole and Equator.


Landslide Lookout – Mile 16

The hike itself went very well.We completed the 20 mile loop in under 8 hours, with minimal blisters, empty bellies, and enough daylight to stop at Clam Lake Brewery in Michigan on the way home for tasty beer and food. All in all, it was great adventure together in Michigan.


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