Me and My Wife

Since I spent last week reflecting on my career, I wanted to spend a little time this week reflecting on another important part of my life:  my relationship with Meredith.


Our first crew bus ride together to Oak Ridge, TN. We both brought home medals!

Meredith and I met on the rowing team our freshman year at Purdue 7 years ago. We were both very out-going, eccentric personalities that indirectly got to know one another by hanging out with this goofy guy that lived down the hall from me in my dorm (and my best-man at our wedding), Drake. Essentially, I would tag along with Drake when I knew he would be hanging out with her. However, I was beginning to think that there was something between me and Meredith when one evening  I had accidentally kicked a soccer ball directly into her face and she continued to keep playing with me. From that night on we saw one another nearly every day. You could say I finally knocked some sense into her.


Us with Drake at the Warrior Dash 5k: 2011

But all good things have to come to an end. When the semester was over, I went home to Elkhart, IN and Meredith went back to her hometown of Carol Stream, IL. We both visited one another’s hometowns that summer though and learned a lot about one another’s upbringings. On her train ride to Indiana Meredith saw cows “not in a barn” for the first time and I learned the true meaning of “traffic-jam” driving to Chicago.And this became our life routine for several years:  9 months together at Purdue and 3 apart.


Lunch on top of Springer Mountain, the start of the Appalachian Trail 

Once we both left Purdue, those 3 months apart stretched into over 2 years of long distance relationship as I took a job in Indiana while Meredith pursued a Master’s degree in occupational therapy down in Georgia. I spent my days figuring out what to do with all this spare time now that I only had to work 40 hours a week, while she was going to school full-time and coaching rowing on top of it all. It was in these years that Meredith and I not only matured as a couple, but also began to identify who we wanted to be as individuals. Our relationship would certainly not be what it is today without this time spent apart.


Upon completion of her program in late 2015, Meredith joined me in South Bend, IN. Within a few months we were engaged, and less than a year from that, on September 10, 2016 we married. It was a perfect ceremony and reception spent with all of our most loved friends and family. We then went on to spend our honeymoon in St. Lucia eating fruit on the beach.


Tina & Gene – Bob’s Burgers: Halloween 2016

And so that’s our history in a nutshell. Our relationship has been anything but conventional but how many events in our daily lives actually are? I love this woman and I wouldn’t want it any other way.




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