Lovin’ Louisiana

Our first trip to Baton Rouge was a blast. Even though we spent 3 days there and 30 hours driving, it went by so quickly. Here’s a few highlights from our mini-vacation.

One of the main reasons we planned a trip to Baton Rouge was to find a place to live, which was a huge success. In three weeks we will be moving into our new apartment located on the north side of downtown Baton Rouge, in what is known as Spanish Town. I was a bit nervous about living in this neighborhood after a local banker described the location as being a small community located in the “shadow” of the big city, but I think we’ll be just fine. Some of the perks of our apartment:


State Capital Park – Home to the tallest capital building in the U.S. – Across from our new home

  • Located across the street from city park and one block south of another
  • One block away from the weekly farmers market
  • Four blocks away from a several mile long pedestrian/bike trail along the levee of the Mississippi River
  • Four miles from LSU campus and near bus-line
  • Three blocks from Meredith’s new favorite cafe, Magpie. It’s very hip, just like her

Of course it wouldn’t be a vacation in a new town if we didn’t try some of the local delicacies. We are both big doughnut fans, so we stopped by Tiger Deauxnuts and Thee Heavenly Doughnut to see satisfy our morning sweet-tooths. On our first lunch we spent in town, we decided to walk a couple miles, skip food, and opt for a “liquid lunch” down at Tin Roof Brewing, located between downtown and campus. The beer was great, met a worker that is from North Liberty, IN (30 mins from South Bend), and endulged in our favorite traveling past time, Bananagrams. Meredith won.

But my favorite meal had to of been Raisin’ Canes chicken tenders, a Baton Rouge founded restaurant that serves strictly chicken tenders, coleslaw, french friends, and toast. Rumor has it the business was started by an LSU graduate who developed the Canes business plan as a class project, however, failed because his professor did not believe a restaurant could survive on simply chicken tenders. Today, there are several Canes restaurants across not only Baton Rouge, but Louisiana, and even the U.S. Maybe it’s the story I like most about Canes, but those were some good tendies.


Live oaks, or evergreen oaks, are one of the most common trees found in this region and give campus a unique charm.

And most importantly, I was able to meet my research adviser and learn a little bit more about LSU and the Renewable Natural Resources department. LSU’s RNR department has several similarities to my alma mater, Purdue University’s Forestry and Natural Resources department; there is a strong forestry program, the majority of their students are in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences, and the building is decorated with taxidermied mammals and birds. The latter made me feel at home right away! I was also pretty happy to find out that I get my own workstation. Granted it’s not the 11th floor window view I currently have, but I’m glad to know I have a dedicated space to work on campus. My adviser concluded our meeting/tour with an invitation to an all you can eat sushi/hibachi place right on campus. Will definitely be going back there. But for now, we need to get to packing.


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