Kinda Cajun Christmas

Our first Christmas as a married couple we traded snow and Douglas firs for fog and banana trees. But that didn’t make it any less special.


Pro tip: Don’t ever use plastic ice skates

For seven years now (every year of our relationship) Meredith and I have gone iceskating together during the Christmas season. Six of those years were spent in beautiful downtown Chicago, while this year we decided to see what skating in the south is like. The skates were plastic, the rink had to be inside, and we were probably the strongest skaters out there (which is scary). All in all it was a decent attempt by the Canes Event Center in Baton Rouge to bring iceskating to the “red stick”, but I think we will be plan on skating back home next season. We’re both already looking forward to it.

The following day, Meredith got us free tickets to the Celebration of the Oaks over in New Orleans. The celebration took place in the 1,300 acre City Park on the north side of the city and included Christmas light attractions, rides, carolers, and much more. Meredith really enjoyed the several foot high poinsettia tree and we both loved the large peacock (I wish our niece Evelyn could have seen it). But my favorite thing was the light show telling the story of the Cajun Night Before Christmas, where Santa’s sleigh is pulled across the bayou by 8 alligators, he proceeds to fall down the chimney onto a pot of gumbo, and leaves through the front door due to his troubles with the chimney. It was the perfect amount of cheeky. The park was very removed from the popular French Quarter and other tourist attractions but I’m sure we’ll visit again soon.


My Family – Christmas Eve 2016

Christmas Day we were woken by Puddles who was very anxious to open his stocking. Between gifts from family and Santa, he has enough treats to last him til next season. Santa also brought Meredith a GPS running watch, which I know she will certainly put to good use. And as a child, I never would have thought I would be so happy to get schools supplies! Meredith and I both agree that Christmas is not the same without seeing the rest of our family but we didn’t let that get in the way of this special day. I look forward for many Christmas’s to come with this woman.


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